Horizon View 6.0 Application Publishing Part 5: Manually Publishing an Application

The last post covered the process of creating an application pool using applications that have been installed on the server and are available to all users through the start menu.  But what if the application you need to publish out is not installed for all users or not even installed at all?

The application that needs to be published out might be a simple executable that doesn’t have an MSI installer.  It could be a ThinApp package located on a network share.  Or it could even be a web application that needs to be accessed from non-secure environments.  Whatever the reason, there may be times where an application will need to be published out that isn’t part of the default application list.

The steps for manually publishing an application are:

1.  Log into View Administrator

2.  In the Inventory panel, select Application Pools.


3. Click Add to create a new pool.


4. Select the RDS Farm you want to create the application in from the dropdown list and then click “Add application pool manually.”


5. Enter the following required fields.:

  • ID – The pool ID.  This field cannot have any spaces.
  • Display Name – This is the name that users will see in the Horizon Client.
  • Path – The path to the application executable.  This must be the full file path of the executable.
  • Description – A brief description of the application.


The following parameters are optional:

  • Version – The version number of the application
  • Publisher – The person or company that created or published the application
  • Parameters – Any command line parameters that need to be passed to the application executable. 

6. Make sure that the Entitle Users box is checked and click Finish.


7. Click Add to bring up the Find User or Group wizard.


8. Search for the Active Directory user or group that should get access to the application.  Select the user/group from the search results and click OK.


9. Click OK to finish entitling users and/or groups to pools.

10. Log into your Horizon environment using the Horizon Client.  You should now see your published application as an option with your desktop pools.

Note: You need to use version 3.0 or later of the Horizon client in order to access published applications.  Published applications are not currently supported on Teradici-based zero clients.