Revisiting The Horizon View Start-Recompose Script #VDM30in30

Last September, I posted a script that I had written to address a few issues in the Horizon View environment that I managed at the time.  At the time, I had seven base images for sixteen desktop pools, and scheduling the Patch Tuesday recompose operations would take half the day if I had to do it manually in View Administrator.

After the script was posted, I learned that there were several issues with it.  While it had worked in the environment I originally wrote it for, I hadn’t properly documented all the parameters in the comment-based help.  This was causing odd failures when attempting to run the script.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from someone who was hoping to use the script in their environment.  They were experiencing issues with running the script, and after helping them with their issue, I decided to revisit the script and fix the issues.

The changes in this version of the script are:

  • Changed the way that the View LDAP database is queried so the Quest AD cmdlets are no longer required
  • Removed the Replica Parameter. The script will now detect the correct replica volume from the Pool settings
  • Renamed the View parameter to ConnectionServer to better describe what its for
  • Made the vCenter, ConnectionServer, and ParentVM parameters mandatory.
  • Fixed the comment-based help so all parameters are listed and examples provided.
  • Removed all email notification code from the script

You can download the latest version of the Start-Recompose PowerShell script from my Github site.

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