Horizon 7.0 Part 1–Introduction

I realize that this series might seem like it’s a little late.  After all, Horizon 7.0 has been out for a few months now.  But between a very large writing project and wanting to take a few weeks off from writing, it’s time to get started with the comprehensive Horizon 7.0 series.

There have been a lot of updates and new features added to Horizon 7.0, and I covered most of those updates in a post back in February after the initial Horizon 7 announcement.  The major features are:

  • Instant Clones – New Provisioning Method
  • Blast Extreme – New Remoting Protocol
  • UEM Smart Policies – New Context Aware Policy Management

Those are just what I consider the major features that will impact most deployments.  There are a lot of other improvements as well, including improvements to scalability through CloudPod, security through True SSO, and new client redirection features to support additional use cases.

Unlike my previous series, I plan to go beyond installing the core Horizon 7.0 components.  This year, I hope to cover Access Point, RDSH, UEM, vRealize Operations for Horizon, and the latest version of App Volumes.  No, that won’t be App Volumes 3.0.  But I could cover that too.

Stay tuned.  There will be much more to come.