VMworld Call For Papers Voting Closes Sunday

Voting on the VMworld call for papers submissions closes on Sunday night.  If you’re interested in helping chart the course of this year’s VMworld, you can vote at http://www.vmworld.com/voting.jspa.

If you do plan on voting, I would highly recommend voting for the following session:

Session 1500 – Auto Deploy Deep Dive by Rob Nelson

Rob previously presented on this topic at vBrownbag.

I have two submissions for this year’s conference:

Session 1352 – Automating Horizon View with PowerShell

Session 2690 – Managing Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange with vCenter Orchestrator

I would recommend that you look through the submission catalog if you have time.  There are a lot of good presentation ideas from community members, such as Kendrick Coleman’s “How to Turn a vSphere Administrator into a Goat” and a session by Brian Suhr and Chris Wahl on understanding virtual workloads.

Remember, you only have until Sunday night to vote and influence this year’s VMworld.