Another Great Article on Career Development…

In my last post, I mentioned that I follow a few blogs through Google Reader.  One of those blogs is the Ask the Directory Services Team blog on Microsoft Technet Site.

Normally, this blog is filled with answers to some very technical questions on Active Directory and related technologies.  One of their more recent entries, however, was focused on the author’s career development philosophy

This would be a great read for any college student entering the work force, and although some of the tips may seem like common sense, a lot of rookie (and sometimes experienced) IT pros can sometimes have trouble some of these basic tips. 

For instance, I know that I have trouble filling the that conversational dead space while working with others.  This is obvious when I work with other introverts.

I’ll also add that admitting your mistakes gets easier as you get older and gain confidence.

The blog ends with a truism that applies to any career: “I used many synonyms in this post, but not once did I say “job.” Jobs end at quitting time. A career is something that wakes you up at midnight with a solution. I can’t guarantee success with these approaches, but they’ve kept me happy with my IT career for 15 years. I hope they help with yours.”