Exchange Restores and PowerShell Scripting Games

In my last post, I posted a script that I use to back up my Exchange 2010 test environment using PowerShell and Windows Server Backup.  But what if I need to do a restore?

Well, the good people over at have a good step-by-step walkthrough of how to restore an individual mailbox that covers restoring from WSB, rolling the mailbox forward, and recovering data.

If you’re interested in how a restore would work, check out the article.

PowerShell Scripting Games

Microsoft’s annual scripting games started on Monday.  Unlike previous years, scripting is limited to the Powershell scripting language this year.  A beginner and an advanced scripting challenge is posted each day, and you have seven days to submit a solution to the problem.

You can find the challenges and scripting tips on the Hey! Scripting Guy blog.  The official rules also include a link to the registration page.

If you’re looking to learn about PowerShell or just challenge yourself with a scripting problem, you might want to check this out.