Looking for CCNA Study Resources

One of my long-time personal goals has been to complete my CCNA.  I took the first half of the exam in May of 2009.  I’m about halfway through the book for the 2nd half of the exam, and that puts me knee-deep in IP Routing and routing protocols.
Getting hands-on experience with the switching section (includes VLANs and Trunking) isn’t too difficult as I have a Cisco 2950 sitting in my basement as part of my home network.  It’s the routing part that I worry about as I would like to have a little more hands-on experience as the exam includes questions where you troubleshoot simulated networks using actual device commands.

I found a tool that emulates router IOS images, provided that I can acquire them.  However, most of the labs I have seen seem to cover CCNP or CCIE topics like MPLS and BGP.

Does anyone know of any resources that I can use for studying?